Joint seminar of national servey requirements


After four hundred years of foreing domintaion, Sri Lanka gained Independence in February, 1948. A futther thirty years hence on 22n May, 1978 the decolonisation process was complete with teh proclamation of the country as a Socialist Democratic Republic. There after, the concept of free enterprice and open economy ushered in an era of dynamic technological and progressive develpments.

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Maritime encounters and battle off srilanka

Sri Lanka is perhaps one of the oldest civilasations in the world, enriched by culture tradition and antiquity. Dating back to thousand of years. However, its authentic history as depicted in the ancient cronicle Mahansa begins with the landing of Vijaya at Tammana around 500 BC. This initial conquest considered more fictitious than fact, was followed by the arrival of Arahat Mahinda and his sister Sangamitta in 236 BC, during the reign of Kind Dewanampiyathissa. Sanagamiita landed at Madagal in the Jaffna Peninsula carrying the sacred Bo-Sapling, which is venerated today, the world over, as the oldest historic tree.

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