Toasting the Terrorists (By Gomin Dayasri)

There is, so much so many, owe to so few.

If not for the men and women in the forces who are prepared to lay their lives to save the nation could we today live in safety and security in our homes or send our children to school or engage and transact in business and commerce or indulge in our professional affairs or travel to the airport to take flight or socialize at parties and functions or enjoy events of entertainment? We live a relatively normal life in the midst of a raging war, thanks to the security forces. Yet there are many in Colombo's sophisticated society the so called Jet Set who mock our security forces and bring them to contempt in the public domain, endeavor to dismantle security barriers calling it an irritant and scorn those manning long hours at the barriers if ever they are stopped for a security check.

Show me the gratitude Colombo's elitist high society has displayed to the men and women in uniform for the services rendered? Do these yuppies and grannies, youthful and aged, realize if not for our forces the tigers would have been in Wellawatte and not us in Killnochchi? Those who laud Obama and loath Osama , hate terrorist if only they carry the tag Al Quida, Taliban, Hamas or Hezebulla because they attack western forces- but not the word LTTE- to them are not a terrorist outfit but a set of freedom fighters. Not long ago Colombo's cocktail circuit spoke of the glory of the LTTE fighting formations but showed no pride but contempt for our forces. Still listen, still they talk more fondly of the elusive aircraft but do they ever speak of the skirmishes where the forces bring daily glory in the battle fields of Wanni.

For the moment the Jet Set has been silenced as the forces are on the verge of dismantling the terrorist structures and the terrorists are running for their lives. The Security Forces with a string of victories have silenced them to shame but single victory which is bound to come to the LTTE after Pooneryn will make them born again. These friends of terrorism lowered the national morale with their message that the Tigers are invincible and cannot be defeated- so we waited in vain for 30 years without launching on a determined Tiger Hunt.(As an aside I may state it was the non Colombo political administrations of D.B. Wijetunga and Mahinda Rajapakse that took on the Tigers comprehensively, while the Colombo's lumpen leadership of J.R. Jayawardane R. Premadasa Chandrika Bandaranaike and Ranil Wickremasinghe tamely succumbed to a blow hot blow cold military policy of appeasement towards the LTTE that enabled them grow in stature).

Once upon a time, we heard those sophisticated voices state triumphantly that our forces are incapable of ever defeating the LTTE and to go bended knees, negotiate and plead for peace with the LTTE. They speak not, care not, for those innocent Tamils who live in captivity in the uncleared areas without a semblance of democracy or the right of dissent or facilities of free movement or right of expression or association denied by the LTTE but instead lament on imaginary self composed human rights violation by the forces. In a 30 year war inevitably a few human rights violations are bound to occur but why blow them to unreasonable proportions and remain silent on Tiger atrocities? That is part of Colombo's spirited double distilled culture. Ask them to name a single such event in the current year 2008? Not one in Sri Lanka but so many in Iraq and Agfhanistan. Ours is a battle tested professional military outfit who are fighting a war as professional soldiers to eliminate terrorism.

We are the only country that treats the enemy force with food and medicine, upkeep their public utilities and welfare measures at our own expense. Often you may dine and wine with these friends of terrorism in the drawing and dinning rooms in comfortable urban homes but do listen to them carefully as they reveal their true hidden character by tacitly or explicitly denigrating our security forces, and if you peep beneath, it is often because of their hostility to the government. . To them the country and the people are not a consideration. They live in their own small world thinking only of benefiting and enriching themselves.

If we were losing the battle instead of being on a winning streak, think of what the presently silent but previously vociferous minority of the assorted foreign funded NGO peaceniks, upstarts in the commercial chambers, members of the professional mafias, the social climbers in the cocktail circuit, and those pseudo academics who if given an air ticket and a fistful of dollars would be prepared to take a flight even to hell- would have had to say?

These platoons of LTTE foot soldiers in disguise from within our Colombo civil society carry the message of the LTTE to destabilize and demoralise our military efforts by raising such cries of human rights, R2P and now the plight of the displaced civilians masterminded by the LTTE sleepers to the slow down the path to victory. Do they ever speak Guantanamo Bay Abu Grahib or those flights of rendition? Why do they not call upon the LTTE to release those people from their iron grip trapped presently between Killinochchi and Mullativu.

It is these opportunists in the foreign funded NGO's, in search of uplifting their private economies who in tandem with the so called handful of western powers incorrectly defined as the international community that wave the red flag to halt the onward march to recover the lost territories .Our military with their sweat blood and toil have achieved victories but remember most of the spilt blood comes from the rural poor who have contributed so much towards the war effort so as not to leave a legacy for our next generation.

Fortunately Colombo is a different world from the rest of Sri Lanka. Colombo is a gulag of alienated people living in a world of their own. No better evidence is forthcoming than when you count the votes at an election. The present government and its leadership- as much as its predecessors- has to be severely criticized on corruption, mal administration, financial indiscipline, inefficiency, nepotism, mismanagement but do not take the wrath you may have against a government out of the men and women in the forces who shield you against the LTTE.

Have sympathy for the young Tamil boys and girls dying in the North sacrificing their lives because they have been indoctrinated and misled to believe in a cause that caused so much evil. Rightly or wrongly they are dying for the sake of the cause in which they belief. With the loss of such a large number of young people, especially young girls in the North, the ratio of the Tamil population in the future will be greatly reduced. The Sinhalese are equally affected however the difference is fewer young women are dying so that the population growth is not so badly affected. It is the Muslim population percentage that will greatly increase. It is not in the larger national interest for the Tamils to feel they will have a still smaller percentage of names in the electoral registers in the future.

The Tamil Diaspora is unlikely to return having backed the LTTE to the hilt - having being desirous that those 'nobodies' abroad could be 'somebodies' in a future Elam administration that may extend to a Greater Tamil Nadu. History will show that Prabhakaran and Sambandan's Tamil National Alliance being responsible for this debacle for which the Tamil people will suffer for another 30 years. History will not be kind to them. It is up to Sri Lanka to come to their assistance as we are one people.

We must remember the youth in the LTTE dominated areas have not had the benefit of having an education or employment or given an option to protest in wearing the LTTE military fatigues-many of them have been recruited by force and are serving a life long sentence in captivity destined to be killed in battle. It is up to us to save them from clutches of the LTTE and provide them the equal opportunities enjoyed by their brothers and sisters in the south. The youth in the North are different to the personnel in the foreign funded NGOs who are attempting to abort the war against terrorism because these evil Samaritans in the NGO circuit are beneficiaries to a luxurious bounty provided by their sponsors abroad to implement their agendas. To them war is a form of recreation and the LTTE need be kept in circulation because the end of the war would mean the end of the gravy train.

Have greater respect for the young people in the LTTE who are paying with their lives for a cause they mistakenly believe and have no choice; rather than for those NGO operators who hold seminars in the comfort of luxury hotels for whom this is an exercise to enrich and enjoy the perquisites of foreign travel with a hip pocket full of dollars and other infrastructural benefits. It is a lucrative market for comfort employment.

Thinking is- if the army wins the battle the government will win the elections. Whom are they thinking of-themselves or the people or the country? This is the dustbin society of Sri Lanka and the people install them in the garbage bin after each election.

(The 16th death anniversary of late Admiral Clancy Fernando former Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy assassinated by the LTTE terrorists on 16th November 1992 was commemorated on 16th November 2008.

Mr. Gomin Dayasri delivered the memorial oration "Toasting the Terrorists" to a packed audience at the Women's International Club, Colombo 7. Amongst the invitees were former service commanders and a host of serving & retired military officers.)

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